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I'm a registered nurse and work three 12 hour shifts a week in the intensive care unit of our local hospital. I like the challenge of working in the ICU. Sometimes the challenge is keeping an unstable person alive. Other times  the challenge is to keep from getting too bored while waiting for the next unstable challenge to hit the door. I never know which type of day I'll have. And that's the fun part.  

I've been married to Steve, an investment broker, for 19 years. We have two daughters and live in Eugene, Oregon. What a wonderful place this is! When we rolled into town with the u-haul truck thirteen years ago I thought, wow, I'm where I was meant to be. And it's only gotten better.

I started lifting weights years ago when women and iron were still a novelty. We were living in an apartment in Reno, Nevada then (it's a long story, and no, I never worked as an exotic dancer). The rec room of the apartment complex had one of those three or four sided universal gym things. That was my first taste. I still remember figuring out how if I laid down on the bench with my feet under the BP handles I could do a sort of leg press. After a couple months of that Steve discovered a new gym opening not far from where we lived. One look at the rows and piles of iron plates and bars was all it took. Some cute Melrose Place type blond guy (who did work as an exotic dancer) taught me how to squat.

Recently I became bored with my gym here and started working out at the employee "fitness center" in the basement of the hospital. For years I never joined because I didn't want to work out with a bunch of off duty medical people. Frequently, I unlock the door, turn on the lights and music because no one else is there. There's a message board on one wall where I write "More chalk please" in red magic marker when we're running out. Somehow it shows up. It costs me eight bucks a month to work out there.

My one pack abs.